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Gifting with a mission - bring joy while helping persons with disabilities

 Teresa Monteiro, the owner and founder of The Wishes Come True Co., started a company that goes beyond just crafting beautiful gift baskets—it creates opportunities and spreads joy with the help of neurodiverse individuals. 

Inspired by her brother, who is neurodiverse, Teresa embarked on this heartwarming aventure to provide meaningful employment and empower neurodiverse individuals. Her commitment to inclusivity shines through each thoughtfully curated gift basket, reflecting not only a dedication to making people happy but also a powerful mission to foster diversity and positivity in every package.

Wishes Com True Co. sources from local suppliers who employ persons with disabilities and works closely with Gabi’s Pals, a non profit based out of Raleigh, NC, who hires persons with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions, to fulfill gift baskets during peak seasons.

Wishes Come True believes in inclusive work environments and thrives to support and create meaningful employment opportunities that recognize the gifts and talents of all persons. 

At Wishes Come True, we are not just delivering thoughtful gifts; we are building a community that values diversity, empowers individuals, and proves that everyone has the potential to contribute meaningfully to the workplace.